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22-08-2016 Congratulations to Jordans who are our 2016 Summer league Champions.
Also congratulations to Sean Chandler (Hartley cc) and Rob South (Jordans) who share player of the year.
We do still have one outstanding match, between Hartley CC and the British legion. So Keith matthews high break of 62 could still be beaten.
17-08-2016 Our next meeting was set as Monday 12th September 7.30pm start at Perry Street Con Club. This will be a EGM so we can go through any rule changes that have been proposed. All proposed rule changes need to be recieved no later that the 28th August, this is so All players in the league can be notified of any rule changes and can attend the meeting and have their say on the matter.

League Fixtures for Thursday 22nd September

The Premier League
Home Team Away Team
Perry St BVMeopham B
Meopham EVMeopham A
British LegionVHartley CC A
BYEVSouthfleet B
Hartley CC BVCliffe Temp B
Meopham DVTraders B
Division One
Home Team Away Team
Traders AVPockets
Meopham CVArriva A
Cliffe Temp AVHartley CC D
BYEVHartley Social
Southfleeet AVBrent
Hartley CC CVMilton Social
Arriva BVPerry St A

League Tables

Summer League
Name Played Won Lost Draw FW FL Points
Jordans 14842473726
Perry St B14752444023
Hartley CC B14536444021
British Legion13544374119
Hartley CC A13571423616
Traders B14473384612
Perry St A1429333519

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