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03-03-2015 All competitions sheets have been updated to include dates and venues for there Finals.
These are subject to change, depending on player availability.
03-03-2015 The next meeting is set for the 13th April at 8pm at Perry St Con Club.
22-02-2015 Week 19 results have been uploaded.
Outstanding result: Meopham F V Meopham B
28-01-2015 Due to Pockets Club Closing, Pockets B will now play all their remaining fixtures from the Traders club.
05-01-2015 Due to Pockets Club Closing, Pockets A will now play all its remaining fixtures from the Higham village club.
Details of the Higham Club can be found on our venues page.

League Fixtures for Thursday 12th March

The Premier League
Home Team Away Team
Perry St BVHartley CC A
British LegionVBYE
Cliffe Temp BVSouthfleet B
Pockets B (Traders)VMeopham E
Cliffe SocialVJordans
Milton Social AVPerry St D
Hartley CC BVBYE
Perry St CVPockets A (Higham)
Division One
Home Team Away Team
Hartley SocialVHartley CC C
Meopham BVMilton Social B
Meopham FVArriva Buses
Traders BVCliffe Temp A
Southfleet AVMeopham C
BrentVPerry St A
BYEVTraders A

League Tables

The Premier League
Name Played Won Lost Pen Points
Hartley CC A18153070
Pockets A (Higham)18171069
Perry St C18117053
Perry St B18117050
Hartley CC B17710042
British Legion18810041
Cliffe Social1697039
Perry St D17710039
Milton Social A17710030
Southfleet B18315030
Cliffe Temp B18216029
Meopham E16412026
Pockets B (Traders)16412024
Division One
Name Played Won Lost Pen Points
Traders B16142058
Meopham C15141057
Arriva Buses16133049
Cliffe Temp A16106046
Traders A16106046
Hartley CC C17512036
Hartley Social16610034
Southfleet A16610033
Meopham B1468031
Perry St A15312031
Meopham F14410024
Milton Social B16313021

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